Disney has unveiled the first teaser trailer for Dumbo, Tim Burton’s live-action remake of the Disney classic.[...]
There’s been some trepidation around Tim Burton’s remake of Dumbo, many fans of the animated classic being concerned that the 3D rendering would look bizarre.[...]
Dumbo teaser: Director Tim Burton brings the magic of the circus in a live-action format. Starring Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, Dumbo is scheduled to release in March 2019.[...]
Disney's live-action Dumbo remake has released it's first teaser trailer and by gum, he flies.[...]
"Did you ever see an elephant fly?"[...]
New trailer for live-action 'Dumbo' has stamp of Tim Burton's signature style - Disney live-action movie stars Colin Farrell, Eva Green, Michael Keaton, and Danny DeVito[...]
Disney dropped the first teaser trailer for Tim Burton's live-action remake of 'Dumbo'. The film is slated to hit theaters March 29, 2019.[...]
Disney has just released the first teaser trailer for the live-action remake of Dumbo.[...]
Well, this was unexpected! Ahead of the company's CineEurope presentation today, Disney has released the first teaser trailer for Dumbo and it looks nothing short of amazing! Will Captain Marvel be next?[...]


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