A second hand 10-year-old Hermes Birkin bag has sold for £162,500 breaking the record for the most expensive handbag to be sold at auction in Europe. The bag fetched more than its listed price of £100,00 to £150,000 when it was auctioned off at Christie's on Tuesday. Made from Nilo- crocodile and featuring an 18-carat white gold diamond encrusted lock, the bag was described as being in “grade 2 co[...]
The second-hand bag is encrusted with several dozen diamonds and made of crocodile skin[...]
The crocodile skin bag is one of just 50 in the world.[...]
This white gold, diamond encrusted Hermes Birkin Himalaya bag is the most expensive handbag to ever go for auction in Europe.[...]
The ten-year-old matte white Himalaya Birkin broke the European record for a bag sold at auction when it fetched £162,500 at Christie's — beating the previous record of £155,000.[...]
Data scientists at 23andMe have linked getting 'hangry' to two genes that have nothing to do with hunger and eating, but are related to mood, mental 'constitution,' and schizophrenia.[...]
Sale at Christie’s makes handbag most expensive ever to sell at European auction[...]
An secondhand Hermes Birkin tote comes pound & for;162,500 ($217,144) in London, a brand new European list to get the expensive hand-bag sold in auction. The album for a tote sold at auction – plus a Hermes Birkin – pound & is;253,700 ($380,000),” set in hongkong in 20 17 . It’s the”most valuable tote on …[...]


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