The British actor talks about his new movie The Happy Prince, which chronicles the final days of Oscar Wilde's life following his imprisonment for gross indecency with men.[...]
British actor Rupert Everett says being openly gay cost him 'three or four' major Hollywood roles[...]
The actor says he has missed out on starring in blockbuster films because of his sexuality.[...]
There was a time when Rupert Everett was a frequent presence on the big screen.[...]
SITTING in a quiet corner of a Soho restaurant, Rupert Everett is in a candid mood. Dressed in a black hoodie and jeans, with a neat beard covering his angular chin, he’s here to talk about The Happy Prince, his first film as writer-director, in which he plays literary icon Oscar Wilde in his final,... View Article[...]
The 59-year-old actor is openly gay and branded the film industry as ""aggressively heterosexual"", with homosexual performers treated like ""second-class citizens""[...]


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