Middle East News: DUBAI: A popular Indian-origin chef in the United Arab Emirates has landed in a controversy after he allegedly posted an anti-Islam tweet, triggering .[...]
Twitter users had not only lambasted Atul Kochhar over his anti-Islam tweet but had also shamed JW Marriott Marquis Dubai for employing a 'bigot', 'anti-Islamic' and 'racist' person.[...]

The celebrity chef has apologised for his 'hasty' remark in regards to an episode of Quantico

Dubai hotel fires celebrity Indian-origin chef Atul Kochhar for 'anti-Islam' tweet - The Michelin-starred chef operated the award-winning Rang Mahal India restaurant at Dubai’s JW Marriot Marquis Hotel.[...]
Despite Kochhar's apology, he might be prosecuted for spreading hate online in connection to Islam and Muslims, which is considered a criminal offense, reports suggested. - Dubai Chef Atul Kochhar Apologises For Islamophobic Remarks, Says it Was Insensitive on His Part[...]
Kochhar faced criticism after he took a dig at actor Priyanka Chopra for her tweet over a Quantico episode that portrayed Hindu nationalists as terrorists, the Khaleej Times reported on Tuesday.[...]
Atul Kochhar received flak after taking a dig at Priyanka Chopra for her tweet over an episode in 'Quantico'.[...]
The JW Marriott Marquis Hotel in Dubai has cut ties with celebrity chef Atul Kochhar, amid a furore over his recent tweets against the Priyanka Chopra-starring TV show Quantico.[...]
The Michelin-starred chef faced criticism for his tweet to actress Priyanka Chopra which was deemed Islamophobic[...]


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