Developer Gung Ho Online have released a trailer for a brand new game, coming next year to Nintendo Switch. Ninjala mixes Player vs Player fighting action with acrobatic parkour elements.From the new trailer, which you can check out below, ...[...]
And we're all out of bubble gum... - Plenty of new games were announced - albeit briefly - at this year's Nintendo Direct ...[...]
The Nintendo Direct hasn't even happened yet, and there have already been quite a few game announcements. The latest news comes from GungHo Online Entertainment. The company has announced a new game called Ninjala, which will be coming to the Switch. Ninjala is an "unprecedented action game using Ninja Gum". Here's the announcement video:…[...]
GungHo Online Entertainment has announced Ninjala, a new player-versus-player action game for Switch where players use “Ninja Gum.” More information about Ninjala will be announced during E3 2018 this week, which runs from June 12 to 14. Watch the announcement video from GungHo Online Entertainment CEO Kazuki Morishita below.[...]
GungHo Online Entertainment has announced that Ninjala will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch, a morphing ninja gum action game that lets players blow bubble gum to craft weapons and use the unconventional fighting method ninjutsu. The online and local multiplayer game has a cartoonish style reminiscent of the[...]
Gungho announced Ninjala, a new PvP fighter with gum-wielding ninjas, for the Nintendo Switch today.[...]
GungHo Entertainment’s Ninjala is coming to the Nintendo Switch, but what is it?[...]
Ninjala is an online and local multiplayer game full of ninja gum action with a wicked cartoonish style, unique and crafty weapon system, and refined parkour mechanics.[...]


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