There have been many surprises in the World Cup group stage.[...]
Brazil to fly Samba flag in RussiaThe 2018 World Cup has certainly lived up to my personal expectations. In the very first game of the tournament, hosts Russia thrilled the...[...]
The 15th edition of the World Cup in Russia has had less than a glorifying start as most big guns have failed to showcase their brilliance, while the 'smaller teams' have displayed greater...[...]
The smaller teams may not lift the World Cup, but they are making fans nervous. World Cup. FIFA.[...]
Maybe it's the Northern Ireland supporter's DNA in me, but I have enjoyed this World Cup all the more for the exploits of the smaller footballing nations.[...]
Big names have been cagier around smaller opponents due to a lack of team chemistry.[...]
Reigning world champions Germany lost their opening game of the 2018 World Cup to Mexico in a result which shocked millions across the globe, however, the defending champions losing their opening World Cup match is far from unusual.[...]
//””So here are Fink Tank’s favourites to win the World Cup. First there is Brazil[...]
A number of pre-tournament favourites have struggled to live up to expectations in Russia.[...]


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