The annual Cannes Lions advertising festival was an occasion for revelry, but marketers were also grappling with what kind of content they may be financing with their online ad dollars.[...]
Near where I work is a café that sells takeaways. When I am feeling flush (this is Mayfair after all, and that particular place is not cheap) I pop in and get my lunch. I’d be lying if I said that in my usual nosy manner I’d not noticed that the next door building housed what the notice on its door said was a “beautiful model”. Dear Reader, I’ve never had anything spicier than a piece of quiche an[...]
Hedge fund investors have made a £1 billion bet against WPP as the advertising agency grapples with the fallout from the exit of Sir Martin Sorrell.The percentage of WPP shares on loan, a proxy for short selling, has surged over the past year from close to zero to more than 6 per cent of its share[...]
Sorrell interviewed author and the New Yorker’s Ken Auletta on the biggest stage at Cannes Lions[...]
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On the last day at Cannes Lions, Sorrell said his S4 Capital will try and deal with the top rung of the companies it works with in order to be more agile, responsive, creative and less bureaucratic[...]
((Independent Recorder))@ “The best ads don’t feel like ads,” she said. Terms like “advertising” and “marketing” have come to mean less, she said, recounting a meeting she had during the week with a young YouTube influencer. “She would never describe herself as a marketer, but she’s a modern-day marketer,” Ms. Clark said. As marketers and …[...]
Hedge fund investors make a £1 billion bet against WPP at a sensitive time for the advertising giant[...]
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