Former 007 actor Pierce Brosnan thinks Tom Hardy has what it takes to follow-up Daniel Craig as James Bond.[...]
Pierce Brosnan weighs in on his history with the James Bond franchise, as well as who he thinks would make a good 007 next.[...]
Hardy. Tom Hardy. What do you think of him as the next 007? Pierce Brosnan told The Daily Mail's Event Magazine that he himself was 'never good enough' as James Bond, with the exception of 'GoldenEye.' He talked about the tearful call he got from Barbara[...]
Legendary 'James Bond' actor Pierce Brosnan wants Tom Hardy to take over as the famous secret agent for the next 'James Bond' film.[...]
"You need an actor who can put a bit of wiggle into it."[...]
Tom Hardy has been long been tipped as a possible Bond, but the Taboo star has now won the endorsement of a 007 veteran....[...]
He's a man who knows a thing or two about 007, and now, Pierce Brosnan has tipped Tom Hardy to succeed Daniel Craig as the next James Bond.[...]
Who should replace Daniel Craig as the infamous 007 when Bond 25 is over? Pierce Brosnan thinks Tom Hardy should star as the most famous spy in the world.[...]
What happens to Bond when Daniel Craig retires? Pierce Brosnan just pushed for Tom Hardy, but he's not the only one making suggestions.[...]


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