Never got the chance to see Bloc Party back in the day? Join the band as they tour their debut album Silent Alarm through Australia, 14 years later. [...]
After a run through Europe, Bloc Party have revealed they'll be bringing their 'Silent Alarm' tour to Australia in November, playing their debut LP in full.[...]
The seminal album will be performed live in Australia for the very first time.[...]
Playing their stunning debut from front to back![...]
Bloc Party is taking it back to where it all began, performing their classic debut album Silent Alarm in full across the country.2005's Silent Alarm saw the band burst onto the scene, flanked by angular guitar lines and hit singles including 'So Here We Are' and 'Positive Tension' alongside 'Banquet' and 'Helicopter'. Thirteen years on, it's a record that's aged better than most -- and still sounds as fresh, anthemic, and inventive as it did on its first release. [...]
Bloc Party are returning to Australia to perform their iconic debut record 'Silent Alarm' live and in full this November, with four huge shows across Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.[...]
In 2005, Bloc Party released their blockbusting debut album Silent Alarm. Though the band has since gone through some tumult, including a hiatus an...[...]


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