High-strength MRI may release mercury, a known toxin, from amalgam fillings in teeth, according to a new study published in Radiology.[...]
Modern MRI machines could end up poisoning people who have had a filling put in at the dentist, as new high-powered scanners can cause mercury to leak out of previously set fillings, a study has found. Research, published in the journal Radiology on Tuesday, found levels of the poisonous metal were much higher after they were exposed to the strong magnetic fields the new machines can generate.[...]
Researchers from Akdeniz University in Turkey say high-strength MRI scanners which began to be used last year may be so powerful they corrode people's teeth fillings and release mercury.[...]
A new study found ultra-high strength MRI may release toxic mercury from silver fillings, though commonly used 1.5 Tesla MRI machines appear to have no effect on the cavity-prone.[...]
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