By Alastair Macdonald VALLETTA (Reuters) - The prime minister of Malta, who will oversee the launch of Britain's negotiations to leave the EU, warned on Wednesday that the European Parliament could "scuttle" any Brexit deal and must be involved in talks. Joseph Muscat, whose government[...]
Updated 3.27pm European Union borders had to be properly secured before member states could be expected to share responsibility for asylum seekers, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said today.“Our first priority is to secure EU borders,” Dr Muscat told media gathered at a press conference held...[...]
Updated 3pm - Malta's ministers and the EU's College of Commissioners have been holding a series of meetings throughout the day focused on Malta's presidency of the European Union. The commissioners are in Malta for the ceremonial opening of Malta's six-month presidency of the EU this evening.[...]
European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker could not resist remarking that Prime Minister Joseph Muscat was against European membership. At the start of his address during a press[...]
Britain's divorce terms with the European Union must be fair, but not as good as those for full EU members, the Prime Minister of Malta, which holds the rotating EU presidency, told a news conference on Wednesday[...]
Malta, which became President of the European Union Council January 1, has been accused of being a tax haven by MEPs – and tax transparency campaigners have told Sputnik there's a serious risk the country could negatively influence EU tax policy over the course of its incumbency.[...]
The leader of the country holding the European Union's presidency says EU nations should hold off on starting bilateral talks with London on future relations until Britain completes it departure from the bloc.[...]
Malta is a tax haven, according to a study by the European Parliament's Green group. "The tax system in Malta is generous to say the least, with large companies routinely paying as little as five percent tax on their profits," Green MEP Sven Giegold noted...[...]
Country helped multinationals avoid paying more than £12bn in taxes from 2012 to 2015, says report from Green MEPs[...]


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