Selena Gomez's mother has allegedly issued an order to Justin Bieber. She has urged the singer to stay as far away as possible from her...[...]
Selena Gomez isn't interested in pointless relationships any longer.[...]
The singer knows exactly how his friend felt when she announced a hiatus last summer.[...]
Jelena may still be in love, but Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are trying to move on from each other. Bieber is enjoying the single life and hanging out with multiple women. And Gomez is cutting negative people out of her life. Her mom even reportedly told Bieber not to contact his ex anymore.[...]
Selena Gomez has admitted she is wary of fake friendships after a rollercoaster 2016.[...]
It’s hard to believe that the hit Disney Channel TV series Wizards of Waverly Place ended five years ago, and ever since there has been a huge wand shaped hole in our hearts. Over the years since the hit series ended we have seen Selena Gomez who played Alex Russo became a global pop superstar …[...]
Selena Gomez took a page out of Kylie Jenner's book, saying 2016 taught her the value of 'awareness,' and the importance of meaningful friendships.[...]
In a recent interview with MTV UK, Charlie Puth applauded Selena Gomez for putting her health first and taking some time away when she needed it.[...]


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