There's a big catch if the US President-elect wants the celebrity DJ to play at his inauguration ball.[...]
The musician has previously called the president-elect a ‘racist misogynist’.[...]
The list of famous musicians and artists who've point blankly refused to perform at Donald Trump's inauguration as US President next week continues to grow by the day.[...]
A day after Charlotte Church turned down an alleged request to sing at Donald Trump's inauguration, Moby has followed suit.[...]
DJ Moby posted on Instagram he would perform at Donald Trump's inauguration ball if the president-elect shares his tax returns.[...]
The musician found the invite hilarious considering his liberal political leanings.[...]
Yes, Moby. The vegan, Democratic, animal rights activist.....[...]
Meanwhile, Rebecca Ferguson and Charlotte Church are joining the list of artists who declined to perform at the special ceremony, which is scheduled to take place on January 20.[...]
Everything you need to know about the entertainment for Trump's big inauguration day—or the lack thereof.[...]


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