Are these GPS co-ordinates for live dates?[...]
Rumors about Daft Punk returning to tour for the first time in a decade have reignited following the discovery of a video on YouTube.[...]
RL Grime's New Year's Eve was spent in Dallas, Texas at the annual Lights All Night festival, where he played a headlining set to a massive crowd of fans.[...]
It's hard to decipher what is true or false anymore.[...]
Everyone wants Daft Punk to tour apart from Daft Punk. The latest rumour comes from a video uploaded to Youtube that features a CGI of their pyramid stage.[...]
UPDATED - Reddit has pretty much shot this one down folks. It happens to line up perfectly with the Wikipedia entry from previous tours right down to the r[...]
The Daft Punk tour rumors persist with this new video.[...]
It's been rumored for months but it looks as if Daft Punk is about to finally embark on their Alive Tour. A viral video was discovered by a reddit user las[...]
A cryptic video exploding on YouTube is the latest cause of mass speculation over whether or not a Daft Punk Alive 2017 tour will take place.[...]


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