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Earlier this month, Sonny Dickson shared a collection of images and videos featuring an of the iPhone with an early iPod-style operating system...[...]
Apple's decision to give the iPhone a touchscreen was a bold and controversial one at the time. In an era where Blackberry was thriving with its keyboard phones...[...]
What it was like getting to review the phone everyone wanted ahead of its launch.[...]
Another video has surfaced showing off prototype iPhone software that features an onscreen click wheel.[...]
‘Sometimes stupid things only seem stupid at first’[...]
Apple recently celebrated the 10-year anniversary of when it introduced its first iPhone model, which took place at Macworld 2007 in San Francisco. It was an ambitious product that ultimately shaped the smartphone sector into what it is today, and part of the reason is because Steve Jobs gambled on a design that was very different from the[...]
Jobs had teams develop multiple prototypes to figure out the best way forward.[...]
On the tenth anniversary of Jobs' masterful unveiling of Apple's revolutionary iPhone, we look at how his successor stacks up....AAPL[...]


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