The police allegedly sexually assaulted or raped 16 women in 2015.[...]
A lawyer says police are protecting those accused. [...]
NHRC indicts Chhattisgarh police for sexual violence against Adivasi women in Bastar. Interim order validates WSS complaints.[...]
Everything you need to know for the day (and a little more).[...]
Country’s human rights watchdog says it has identified 16 cases in which security forces ‘grossly violated’ victims’ rights[...]
New Delhi: India's rights watchdog said more than a dozen tribal women were raped and sexually assau[...]
Indian police are accused of raping and sexually assaulting at least 16 tribal women in multiple villages, India’s human rights watchdog said, unveiling what human rights advocates claim is yet another atrocity committed by local security forces during a decades-long insurgency in the heavily forested region. The National Human Rights Commission said in a statement …[...]


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