The eldest Trump daughter confirmed that news in a Facebook post.[...]
The president-elect left some questions hanging in the air (especially on Russia).[...]
U.S. President-elect Donald Trump said on Wednesday he would maintain ownership of his global business empire but hand off control to his two oldest sons while president, an arrangement that watchdogs said would not prevent conflicts of interest in the White House.[...]
It wouldn't be hard for the president-elect to follow the example of his predecessors. Let's see if he does.[...]
Ivanka Trump took to Facebook Wednesday to share that she has named Abigail Klem to lead her eponymous fashion brand.[...]
A 1993 court decision seems to back up Trump's appointment of son-in-law Jared Kushner[...]
Ivanka Trump says she’ll step aside from her executive roles at the Trump Organization and her lifestyle brand, but is confident both will continue to ‘‘thrive.’’ [...]
Donald Trump's first post-election press conference—which was heated to say the least—didn't exactly instill confidence [...]


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